DIY ‘loopers’ take diabetes into their own hands

I was interviewed as part of an ABC Science Show program on DIY looping which was broadcast last weekend. Wonderful coverage of what it's like to live with Type1 diabetes psychologically, two peoples' experiences of using a DIY system, and why we need to get CGM coverage for adults in Australia ASAP. Jim Matheson, one … Continue reading DIY ‘loopers’ take diabetes into their own hands

Sensory recalibration with Looping

People in the DIY artificial pancreas community are talking about sensory changes in the way they experience their diabetes. Some, like Thacher Hussain @Thachert1d, find that DIY looping causes them to regain their hypoglycaemia awareness. "Feeling shaky at 84... means #Loop is keeping me in range enough that my body's own hypo-awareness is readjusting to … Continue reading Sensory recalibration with Looping