DIY ‘loopers’ take diabetes into their own hands

I was interviewed as part of an ABC Science Show program on DIY looping which was broadcast last weekend. Wonderful coverage of what it’s like to live with Type1 diabetes psychologically, two peoples’ experiences of using a DIY system, and why we need to get CGM coverage for adults in Australia ASAP.

Jim Matheson, one of the first 16 people to build a DIY looping system, was also interviewed, along with endocrinologist, Tien-Ming Hng.

A man looks at his phone which has graphs and numbers on it
Jim Matheson with the DIY Loop app on his iPhone (Photo by James Bullen, ABC)

It really is a fantastic piece. It covers:

  • what it was like to live with diabetes 40 years ago
  • the precarious nature of keeping blood sugar ‘not too high, not too low’
  • DIY artificial pancreas tech overview
  • how immediate and dramatic the changes were for two people with type 1 diabetes when they started using the systems
  • a plea to government to subsidise CGM costs in Australia by shifting money from the complications end of diabetes care to the complication-prevention end so that all can benefit from the technology that’s about to arrive at our doorstep

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript here

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